Helping music artists build web3 communities - one NFT at a time.

Mint Songs builds tools that enables music artists to turn their core creative assets into NFTs that they can sell and giveaway to their community. Our NFT minter lets you turn your songs (audio + album artwork) into eco-friendly NFTs for $0 minting fees and users can grow and display their music NFT collections on our marketplace. Music communities are the life blood of what we do here and our North Star is to help as many music artists build vibrant web3 communities through NFTs as well as make a sustainable and livable income from doing what they love to do.

The Mint Songs Mission

Our core mission at Mint Songs is to help as many artists build a sustainable and livable income from creating music. We believe NFTs can help thousands of music artists to better monetize their music in the ever-growing digital collectors market.

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Collect and create limited edition digital music collectibles and join a community of passion music lovers who are pushing the industry forward.

Work at Mint Songs

Join us in building software that’s redefining music


Mint Song’s holds strategic investor partnerships with leading venture capital companies.
Investor: Coinbase Ventures
Investor: Freestyle.VC
Investor: Castle Island VC
Investor: North Island VC
Investor: IOSG
Investor: AAF Management
Investor: East West Ventures
Investor: Goodwater Capitol


Our advisors are integral to the success our of team.
Electronic music producer, crypto pioneer, and BAYC #7503
Jaeson Ma
Co-founder @ 88rising, founder @ east west ventures & advisor @ triller
Brooks Pettus
COO @ Housecall Pro, former CRO @ beatport & COO @ reonomy
Christina Beltramini
Ex-Music Partnerships @ Tiktok, Former director of strategic partnerships at Tidal