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For Music Artists

Turn your songs into NFTs for $0 minting fees. Capture more value from your music and build a web3 community that you can call yours.

Why do music artists need NFTs & Web3 communities?


Power of NFTs

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. Turn songs into NFTs to earn additional income, in many cases a lot more than royalties from streaming.

Power of Web3 Communities

Web3 communities are communities that you fully own in the decentralized internet and NFTs allow you to build direct relationships with your fans - without any intermediaries.

NFTs & the 1000 true fans

Leverage NFTs to segment out the fans that truly support and grow with you throughout your journey. This article about finding the 1000 fans to sustain and grow is a must read for all music artists.

Mint Songs Toolkit for Music Artists

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Mint NFTs to sell

Turn your songs into NFTs for $0 minting fees and earn additional recurring revenue. Keep 95% of the primary sales and earn an additional 10% each time a fan resells their collected NFTs.

Mint NFTs as giveaways to onboard fans

Turn your album arts or tour posters into NFTs to offer to fans as free giveaways. Fans that claim free giveaways are being onboarded and be part of your Web3 community.

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Dashboard and analytics

Engage and grow your Web3 community with data, insights, and tools.

For the Artist

Turn your songs into eco-friendly NFTs with us for $0 minting fees. We want to help you capture more value from your music and build a web3 community that you can call yours.
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"With NFTs, it's from 0 to 1. Taking the leap is 99 percent of the 'work'. Mint Songs hold your hands through the leap, without the scary sky-high gas fee or the environmental concern on the Polygon network. What does it take to get paid $398 on iTunes, BandCamp or Spotify? Well, for me, all it took was a couple of sales in a couple of days here on Mint Songs, and that's a very conservative figure at an entry level in NFTs. So go for it and thank me later. :) " - Fifi Rong

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Ready to take control and connect with your fans?