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It ain't me

When people move in different directions - either in a concrete or an abstract way - there are a bunch of things that may happen: Wishing each other only the best and be thankful for the shared time would be a gentle one. Being envious and jealous of success, freedom or luck that might have encouraged the other one to move on sounds more like human behavior. Taking a step back, due to recognizing that your simple participation in the other one’s life is a drawback for them, is remarkable. Writing a Song, calling it „It ain't me“ and putting it on the blockchain is a rare 21st Century's move. By buying this piece, you are part of the Welanski family and you get: first access to future NFT drops of whoiswelanski, access to token-gated events in the virtual gallery of whoiswelanski, access to token-gated discord channels || Cover Artwork by Basti Kameter || Mixed by Sam Petts-Davies