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HARLEY is a chill Hip-Hop track created by YWG The Rapper. The song has a catchy irresistible hook that you will vibe to & nod your head the moment you hear it! The chorus describes YWG riding the highway on his HARLEY, flexing his Rolex & feeling like he's the shit. For all the Bikers & Harley Davidson fans, this song is perfect while riding your bikes in style. The lyrics contain Rap verses that describe a little about my nature as a rebellious child & being opposed for choosing a different artistic path 'cause I didn't wanna get stuck in the Rat Race doing the things I don't even love doing for all my life! The Rap verses also have some clever bars for the Lyrical Hip hop Fans out there like - Flyin' so high, Need no Redbull for the wings. Just like Doctor Strange, Vanish you with a Sling Ring. Feeling like Frank Sinatra, Jazzin' up just like a Rockstar. These kids think they can Win Free, Screaming higher than Opera (Oprah Winfrey) and more bars when you hear the flow in the verses! As an Independent Artist, I produce, mix-master, and engineer my songs in my small Home-Studio. I even create my album arts & edit my Music/Lyric Videos as well! You will be investing in an Independent Artist if you buy my Music NFTs, you will get to be a part of my community, my early fans & supporters plus you will get Great Music which will finally be appreciated by Collectors like you! The collectors of this Music NFT will get a customized BRONZE PLAQUE with their name and signed by YWG himself.